Counting days to my return to NYC

The week in Nairobi has been characterized by changing weather patterns – ranging from stormy rains on Wednesday to beautiful sunny days like today’s – which I’m enjoying!

The Saturday talk at Strathmore University went very well. I had initially thought that I would run out of material or things to say but the discussion on how education contributes to the economic, social and political development of Kenya was very interesting and interactive. We had excellent representation from different Kenyan Universities such as Maseno, Jomo Kenyatta International University and Kenyatta University. One of things that the participants were curious to know of was how I managed to get over the culture shock when I first arrived in the US. I admitted to at first being reserved but the American culture which encourages expression quickly caught up and of course family and new friends made it much easier.

I am now officially counting days to my return  although I still have some pending research business. Peter, my co-researcher, will still be working on  IDRC research focused on land tenure issues at Mukuru slum area in Nairobi after I’m gone. He offered to include some of my questions on the residents’ levels of income and saving patterns in his research tools. I will still be following up on this after I get back.

Have a lovely weekend!

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