The Footfalls of Memory in Freiburg

I spent 27 July 2013 wandering the streets of Freiburg, a city in southwestern Germany located at the edge of the Black Forest. Freiburg is a  special place for me for several reasons: academically, in Levinas’s words, it is the ‘City of Phenomenology,’ where both Husserl and Heidegger lectured and worked; in terms of this project, it is where I first discovered die Stolpersteine; and, more personally, it is also the city where I met my wife. And so, this small German city is one pregnant with memories.

Below, you’ll find three photos from my day-long sleuth-like tracking down of all of the city’s Stolpersteine. These images are part of the essay length project I am currently working on and will be happy to share soon!


More soon! -David


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