Fordham University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)

Summer 2013 Research

Human Capital, Knowledge, and Social Justice in a Globalized World


Globalizing processes that characterize the contemporary international system have yielded significant economic, political, social and cultural shifts within and across states as well as local communities.  Far from having an equalizing effect, the outcomes of globalization have been criticized by many as having exacerbated inequality, poverty, and injustice.  In particular, key components of social justice such as sustainable livelihoods and education have come under duress as the world experiences greater interdependence and interconnectedness.  Yet globalization has also generated new demands for more highly- skilled, highly-educated, and highly-mobile populations, suggesting that the links between human capital, knowledge, and social justice would benefit from fresh examination and analysis.

Through the generous support of Santander Universities, GSAS will fund summer research projects that are internationally-focused (including travel to a research site outside the U.S.), interdisciplinary in scope, and which formulate inquiry concerning the interface between human capital, knowledge, and social justice, broadly conceived.  Students selected for funding are expected to incorporate electronic social media in their collaborative project(s). This blog seeks to fulfill part of that expectation.